"We just did what coach asked us to do, which was to tackle. That was the main thing, just to tackle." 
P.J. Smith Safety

“I'm struggling right now with having to fix something you work on when you first start playing football. It hurts to say my tackling is bad. ... I'm a linebacker. That's just something I should be able to do in my sleep.”
Alonzo Whaley LB

"He'll be fine. He's day-to-day, week-to-week. I don't think it's anything long term. He'll be fine."
Bo Pelini on Rex Burkhead injury

“Every time we come off the field, we all look at each other and say, ‘We have the best receiving corps in the nation. And even if it’s not true, we don’t care. We feel that we have the best receiving corps in the nation.”
Jamal Turner WR

"In football, you have to be unselfish, especially when you have a team like ours that has so many great talents. You can't be a selfish player."

Quincy Enunwa WR

"I think his best football is ahead of him., He's had a tremendous offseason. I'm glad he's our quarterback."

Bo Pelini

"I've kind of grown a lot in my throw motion, as a leader, as a vocal leader. I guess as a better player on the team. As a team I think we've grown a lot, too."

QB Taylor Martinez

"It was a little different for us, and we were running a new offense and stuff like that," Martinez said. "The defenses in the Big Ten were a lot better. I know that I didn't know, but I think we didn't know exactly what we were up against. For this upcoming season, we know more and that should help us."

Taylor Martinez

"That's not the type of person I am."

(Statement after ejection from bowl game vs USC)

Alfonzo Dennard

"We treat every game exactly the same. Conference,non-conference, Creighton, somebody from Cuba - it doesn't matter. We have to get over that thought of who you're playing. We play our game. We bring our own atmosphere, our own intensity. That's a work in progress as well."

Darin Erstad

"When we're focusing on the moment right now, you really can't afford to look at the big picture."

Darin Erstad

"Brion has all the tools to be a real good quarterback"

Bo Pelini

"I don't care what the score is, we're going to try to do it the right way. And, the right way is to play as hard as you can play."

Doc Sadler

"I'm excited, but I'm ready to go to work. It's game time.

Darin Erstad
Nebraska Baseball

"We didn't have it in us today. For whatever reason, I have no idea"

Doc Sadler

"It's not about what they are coming in. It's about what they are going out."

Bo Pelini

"We always play with a lot of effort. Now, it's time to come away with some wins."

Brandon Richardson

"I wouldn't care if it was against Southeast High School. We need wins."

Doc Sadler

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