Thursday, September 6, 2012

Taylor Martinez very good in opening win

Martinez looks to pass in the first quarter against Southern Miss.  Photo by L. Johnson

Taylor Martinez threw for 354 yards and 5 TD's on Saturday in 49-20 win over Southern Miss. Taylor not only put up some really good numbers, but he looked good doing it.  All the extra preparation he did during the offseason to improve his throwing technique was evident in his effort.  His motion was smoother, he set his feet and was moving forward when he released the ball, and he followed through after the throw.  Most important he made good decisions with the ball and checked through the progression, throwing to mostly open receivers.  Martinez was named Big Ten Player of the Week.

Nebraska receiving core looked improved as well.  Ten different receivers had catches, six had more than one.  For the most part the receivers were catching the ball with their hands and not letting the ball get into their bodies.  They really seemed to be on the same page with Martinez.  Courtney Osborne's touchdown catch right before halftime was the highlight catch of the game.  

Walkon center Justin Jackson was probably the biggest surprise in the game.  After moving over from the defensive end position, he won the starting center job.  It was obvious why after seeing his play in the game on Saturday.  He plays aggressive, tough, and mean.  It was nice to see a lineman with some real attitude out there on Saturday.    

Nebraska is set to face UCLA on Saturday night in L.A.

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