Sunday, September 30, 2012

Red vs Red experiment ends in Red victory

Nebraska needed a little T-Magic, a lot of T-Rex, and a united boisterous red crowd in the 30 -27 come from behind victory in Lincoln on Saturday night.  In a game full of mistakes and on-the-field reviews, it was kind of fitting for a fumble to end the game and set up the victory formation for the Huskers.  With less than 90 seconds left on fourth-and-one, Wisconsin's Montee Ball fumbled the ball and NU's Harvey Jackson recovered.

With the victory the tension was gone, the crowd relaxed, celebrated.  It wasn't pretty, it didn't even look good.  Scoreboard, the real RED won, Nebraska beat Wisconsin.

And so it ends.  It's been relatively fun.  Red vs Red started as a collaboration between a Wisconsin fan and Husker fan.  The plan was to cover athletics from both schools, help fuel a rivalry.  Well it turned out to be harder than it looks.  It takes way too much time and way more ability to put out quality work then either of us had. It seems fitting to close shop after this game.

Red vs Red is now dead.


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