Monday, September 10, 2012

Nebraska loses to UCLA 36-30

Happy bear!
Nebraska lost to UCLA on Saturday evening 36-30.  The Huskers played less than spectacular against an up and coming team with new head coach with 25 years of NFL experience.  A guy that knows how to look at film and create a game plan to beat teams that might have more talent and/or reputation.  UCLA flat out out played Nebraska.  

The worst thing about a Nebraska loss, is the Husker fan reaction.  It's so pathetic, it's kind of hilarious.  Fire Bo Pelini, Tim Beck doesn't know what he's doing, and Taylor Martinez should never start at quarterback.  These are all statements made over the airwaves here in Omaha.  Really?

How about lower the expectations a bit, admit your faults, and work to improve them.  Plenty of season left.


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