Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2021 Husker season starts Saturday against Southern Miss

The Husker football season kicks off on Saturday when Southern Miss comes to Lincoln.  OK, so another season opener in Lincoln  must equal another early season cupcake?  Right?

With today's abundance of short term memory problems and super digitized attention spans, don't forget this underdog Southern Miss team has been to Lincoln and beat the Huskers 17-21 in 2004.  
Let's not fool ourselves into thinking this games going to be breeze.  Sure they have a new head coach in Ellis Johnson and we've rid ourselves of the headache named Bill Callahan, but the team coming to Lincoln finished 2011 with a 12 win season.  When's the last time you've seen the Huskers post a 12 win season, insert 1999.

"You don't win the amount of games they won a year ago and not have talent, " coach Pelini said, suggesting he understands this will be a good test for his football team.  "They have a lot of things going for them.  Their program's kind of on the upswing."    

With the changes in coaching, Southern Miss brings a mystery team to Lincoln, including a starting quarterback with no college game time.  Prep time for the Huskers has included watching high school film. Offensive coordinator Tim Beck admitted, "It's hard to tell."  

The message parallels that of 2004 when Southern Miss hadn't been to Lincoln.  Huskers in a landslide was the prediction.  Then it all fell apart when NU couldn't score and Southern Miss kicked a few field goals and scored a pair of touchdowns.

Nebraska must not look ahead to week two and a trip to Pasadena to play UCLA.  They better be hitting their stride early if they expect to get by a tough team from the State of Mississippi. 

Expect some glitches as a lot of new faces will play for Nebraska.  Ultimately they are too talented to let this one get away. 

Prediction: NU 35 Southern Miss 17 

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