Friday, September 30, 2011

Nebraska vs Wisconsin: Tale of the Tape Final Verdict

The Badger and Bugeater have teamed up to breakdown this week's Nebraska vs Wisconsin match up.

Final Verdict

Badger:  These two teams practically mirror each other in every aspect of the game from their head coach down to their uniforms.  While NU could be referred as more explosive on offense Wisconsin more than makes up for it with their experience and execution.  The unsung hero in Madison is Paul Chryst, the best play caller in all of college football.  It will be him and his offense (and a raucous sauced up crowd that'll make all the Big Red fans wish they stayed at home in Nebraska) that will prove to be the difference Saturday night.
Wisconsin 38 Nebraska 21

Bugeater:  Fans have been waiting for this game since the announcement Nebraska was joining the Big Ten.  The hype surrounding the game is understandable when you look at the records of these two teams since the beginning of 2009, Nebraska is 24-8 and Wisconsin 25-5.  The rankings of the teams couldn't be closer either, Wisconsin No. 7 and Nebraska No. 8.

An estimated 30,000 Husker fans are making the trip to Madison, not all will get in to the stadium. From the sound of it, it might not be an enjoyable experience for them, not because of anything to do with the play on the field, but more of how poorly they will be treated by the "raucous" fans.  It doesn't take long to validate this point when reading comments from nearly any story related to the game.  Here's typical example of one anonymous comment, "Don't want to get cursed at, spit on, or made fun of?  Don't wear your teams garb to Fort Randall loser."  I digress.

Nebraska's fate will come down to their ability to move the ball on Wisconsin.  We know Wisconsin will score early and probably often.  I see Nebraska being down at the half but making adjustments and taking over the game late.  Vegas has it wrong.  Taylor Martinez and Rex Burkhead will have a great performances in Madison, leading the Huskers to their first of many Big Ten conference victories.  A huge bonus to both fan bases, these teams might meet again in December.
Nebraska 38 Wisconsin 35  

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nebraska vs Wisconsin: Tale of the Tape Part 2

The Badger and Bugeater have teamed up to breakdown this week's Nebraska vs Wisconsin match up.  In this post we take a quick look at the offense's.   

Offensive Line

Nebraska:  Mike Caputo at center anchors a relatively inexperienced and oft times injured Husker O-line.  Tackle Tyler Moore is the first freshman to ever start at NU and sophomore guard Spencer Long is also getting early playing time.  The Huskers have aggressively rotated players in and have shown some encouraging push while running the no-huddle offense.  Nebraska is ranked No. 8 nationally and No. 1 in the Big Ten in rushing offense.

Wisconsin: The Badgers return three starters from last years O-line that was arguably the best in the country.  Led by Kevin Zietler and Ricky Wagner this unit has excelled at pass and run blocking allowing only three sacks and leading the way for 982 yards on the ground through four games this year.

Advantage: Wisconsin

Receivers and Tight Ends

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nebraska vs Wisconsin: Tale of the Tape Part 1

The Badger and Bugeater have teamed up to breakdown this week's Nebraska vs Wisconsin match up.  In this first post we take a quick look at the defense's.  

Defensive Line

Nebraska:  Jared Crick, Baker Steinkuhler, and Cameron Meredith are really big physical players.  They all cause havoc in the backfield on running plays and put pressure on the quarterback.  But what’s really impressive is the depth behind them.  Ten different players have seen live game action on the d-front for Nebraska, all of which would probably start at any other school.

Wisconsin: Nothing flashy here, consistency has been the key since the early departure of superstar J.J. Watt.  Patrick Butrym and Travi Kohout know their job is to occupy the other teams O-lineman.  Along with Louis Nzegwu the Badgers have three returning starters from last years line.  Watt’s replacement David Gilbert has shown flashes as a pass rusher in this early season.

Advantage: Nebraska


Monday, September 26, 2011 NU @ WYO highlights

Quick Hit Game Notes for Wyoming

Random notes taken during Wyoming game Saturday night.  Nebraska wins 38-14.

ATS Results Week 4

Congratulations to the Badger he picked perfect this week.  Thanks again to Texas Ted.

Badger     4-0

Bugeater   3-1

Guest        1-3

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Red vs Red ATS Week 4

Each week Red vs Red will bring you our prognostications on what we deem to be the most interesting games of the week (or the easiest pick).  A huge thank you goes out to our guest picker this week, Ted from Houston, Texas.

No. 11 Florida State @ No. 21 Clemson - 2.0

Badger:  Clemson is coming off a huge win over Auburn, and FSU is still reeling from getting their tail kicked by Oklahoma last week.  Death Valley, already one of the most hostile environments in college football, gets doubly worse when your starting QB's status for the game is up in the air.  Clemson 21 Florida State 17   

Bugeater:  Florida State has another tough game this week against Clemson.  Athlectic QB Tajh Boyd win for Clemson.  Clemson 30 Florida State 27

Guest:  Florida State 42 Clemson 28

No. 14 Arkansas @ No. 3 Alabama - 11.5

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know Taylor Martinez has younger brothers?  Sam McKewon put together this piece about Drake Martinez, Taylor's younger brother.

Red vs Red Flashback to the Year 2000

No. 1 Nebraska 27 vs No. 25 Notre Dame 24.

Eric Crouch scores a touchdown in OT to seal the victory over the Irish.  An estimated 30,000 Husker fans attended the game in South Bend, IN.  Go Big Red!

Red vs Red Links

Jared Crick doesn't practice but Dennard does from Husker Extra

Special teams from

Good stuff added hourly from the Big Ten Blog

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nebraska Lands Texas QB Recruit

Check out the article on Nebraska latest commit Tommy Armstrong.  A new Tommy in Lincoln.

Sunday, September 18, 2011 Highlights Week 3

Nebraska takes the rubber match against Washington 51-38

Nebraska used a couple of lucky breaks to win 51-38 over the Washington Huskies Saturday in Lincoln.  The first break came on a botched interference call on the Huskies by the officiating crew in the third quarter.  It was the second of three botched interference calls in the game.  The poor call gave NU the ball with good field position, leading to a Rex Burkhead rushing touchdown.  The second break came on the ensuing kickoff, when Nebraska recovered a fumble on the one yard line by Washington's return man.  Nebraska's Burkhead punched it in again nine seconds after his last touchdown.  Without those two gifts from the football gods, the ending of the this game might have been totally different.  For further breakdown of the game check, Husker Extra, or  

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ATS Results Week 3

The Bugeater picked the most winners in this weeks contest.  Thank you Mike from Omaha for participating.

Bugeater    3-1

Badger       2-2

Guest         0-4

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Red vs Red ATS Week 3

Each week Red vs Red will bring you our prognostications, plus one guest picker each week, on what we deem to be the most interesting games of the week (or the easiest pick).  A huge thank you goes out to our guest picker this week, Mike from Omaha, NE.

Washington @ Nebraska -17.0

Bugeater:  Washington's QB Keith Price has been decent against two weak defenses in their two opening games.  Nebraska has been less than stellar on defense themselves.  Nebraska hasn't really proven anything on offense, other than hoping for big plays from Martinez.  Washington was caught off-guard by Martinez's explosive abilities last year in their first meeting, but completely shut him down in the bowl game.  Which leads me to believe Washington will find themselves in the game late.  Nebraska 34 Washington 27  

Badger:  Can Chris Polk be successful against Nebraska's front seven?  Can Taylor Martinez secure the ball?  Will Tim Beck finally unveil his "mystery" offense?  If Martinez limits his carries, and Rex steps up this one won't be close.  Nebraska 37 Washington 21

Guest:  Nebraska 40 Washington 7

Michigan State @ Notre Dame -5.0

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fantastic article

Break down of Nebraska's offense by Dirk Chatelain.  I really like Dirk's take on the offensive possession and what it means for the defensive time on the field.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

ATS Results Week 2

The Bugeater and our guest. Michelle were the top pickers in week 2.

Bugeater     3-1

Badger        1-3

Guest          3-1

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wow. Nebraska 42 Fresno State 29

Intriguing game.  More reaction to come, until then check out post game coverage.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Red vs Red Game Day Links has put together a great Huskers site featuring content on nearly everything Big Red's Big Red Today has great game day coverage live during the game

Journal Star has a story about a California gang taking up the N colors

A Video from for Week 2

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Red vs Red ATS Week 2

Each week Red vs Red will bring you our prognostications, plus one guest picker each week, on what we deem to be the most interesting games of the week (or the easiest pick).  A huge thank you goes out to our guest picker this week, Michelle from Bellevue, NE.

No. 21 Missouri @ Arizona State -7.5

Badger:  Missouri struggled with lesser opponent last week, this week they'll struggle with ASU's blinding speed.  Arizona State 31 Missouri 14

Bugeater:  Missouri 's offensive connection between the WR T.J. Moe and QB James Franklin started slow in week one.  I expect them to reconnect on the road in Tempe giving the AZ defense a tough time.  An easy win over UC Davis doesn't do much to help get ready for a tough Missouri Tigers defense, State will need to play spot on defense and shine on offense in order to win this one.  I see a close one.  Missouri 32 Arizona State 33.

Guest: Missouri 31 Arizona State 17

No. 16 Mississppi State -6.5 @ Auburn

Huskers in the NFL

Wondering how former Nebraska Huskers are doing in the NFL this year?  The NFLHuskers blog is an up-to-date site for following Husker players that are in the NFL.  Great site check it out.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ATS Results

It was a great opening weekend in college football.  Week 1 included several upsets including Notre Dame and Oregon.  Here are the results from week 1 ATS.  Thank you to Greg for his participation.

Bugeater   2-2
Badger     1-3
Guest       2-2

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 1: 5 things I liked and 5 I didn't like in the Huskers game

Here are some things I liked in Nebraska's 40-7 win over Tennessee Chattanooga on Saturday in Lincoln, and some things I didn't like.

  1. Nebraska's defense is for real.  They only gave up 230 yards of total offense.  They intercepted a pass, blocked a field goal, and dominated the line of scrimmage.  Jared Crick's impact on the game won't always be recorded in the statistics, the guys a beast, reminds me of a man named Sue.  
  2. Taylor Martinez is back to full speed.  He had touchdown runs of 7,43, and 47 yards all on speed option plays.  He finished with 135 yards rushing and 116 passing.  
  3. Rex Burkhead is bigger and stronger and looks like he will be a bruising runner this year.  He is very difficult to tackle.
  4. Nebraska has some exciting freshman to watch on offense this year.  Ameer Abdullah, Aaron Green, Braylon Heard, and Jamal Turner all are poised to play significant time in their freshman years and make an impact.  
  5. Line backer Daimion Stafford is the next defensive stud.  The junior college transfer is going to be electrifying.  He had six tackles total, two of which made the crowd roar in reaction.  Cameron Meredith is one mean mo' foe. 
Didn't like

  1. The offensive line push was too inconsistent.  At times they were good, at times they were bad.  All against an over matched opponent in UTC.  Sure it was the first game on the season and the first game ever for some, but hitting the guy across from you in the mouth is expected on every snap.
  2. When Taylor Martinez throws the ball he tends to throw it behind receivers.  He needs to get better at throwing the ball on target.  He's not the only play-maker on the field.  Get it to some of the others guys, with a little space to make a move.

Highlights with player interviews from

Friday, September 2, 2011

Big Red Anthem by Brown the video

Wisconsin wins big in opener over UNLV

Russell Wilson was electric in the 51-17 win over UNLV Thursday night.  Wilson threw for 255 yards and looked to be fully in control of the Wisconsin offense.  The running back tandem of James White and Montee Ball will be difficult for any team to stop.  Read more about the game here.

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Depth Chart

Bo Pelini has released a depth chart for Nebraska before the first game. You can find it here.

One position that stands out is right tackle where FR Tyler Moore will get the start over senior Marcel Jones.  Jones may still be sore with a back injury that has held him out of some of fall camp.  It's great to see a freshman work their way into a starting role on the O-line.  It's the first time a freshman has started on the line in recent memory.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Red vs Red ATS Week 1

Each week Red vs Red will bring you our prognostications, plus one guest picker each week, on what we deem to be the most interesting games of the week (or the easiest pick).  A huge thank you goes out to our guest picker this week, Greg from Bellevue, NE.

No. 6 TCU -6 @ Baylor

Bugeater:  Andy Dalton is in the NFL, Casey Pachall takes over at QB and seems to have a grasp on the offense.  TCU lead the country in points allowed in 2010 but lost half the starters.  Baylor returns Robert Griffin III at quarterback but lost most of it's backfield to graduation.  Baylor's defense was No. 89 in point allowed last year.  TCU will score more points in this one.  TCU 39 Baylor 28   

Badger:  Will this be Robert Griffin's first big signature win?  No. TCU 31 Baylor 17

Guest:  TCU 27 Baylor 17

South Florida @ No. 14 Notre Dame -10