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Despite some struggles in 2010 Taylor Martinez primed for a fantastic 2011 Big Ten campaign

A short recap of 2010

Taylor Martinez came into the 2010 football season providing fresh hope and high optimism to a Nebraska team that needed just that.  He ended the season with a bruised ankle and certainly a bruised ego.  It started so good.  He was the first freshman to start at quarterback for Nebraska.  He beat out a pair of quality guys in Zac Lee and Cody Green in the process.  He made coach Bo Peilini into a genius for making him the starter by rushing for 737 yards (12 TD's) and passing for 660 yards (3 TD's) in his first five games.  He looked to be the fastest guy on the field at any position, probably was.  The newcomer from California exploded onto the national college football scene.  Some of the media members were touting ‘Martinez for Heisman.’  In short, all was bliss in Husker nation and Martinez was riding high as the hot gun in town.

Then with a loud thud, Texas smacked Nebraska in the mouth (NU 13 to UT 20) and started the derailment process of the great running quarterback.  Martinez was benched in the game, finishing with 84 yards of total offense.  Suddenly, Nebraska was looking for answers to what had happened and Martinez’s abilities under pressure were questioned?  Could he win the big game against better defenses in the Big 12?  The next week it looked like Martinez would provide answers to his critics, in Stillwater he put up great numbers, passing for 323 yards and five TD’s, with 112 yards rushing.  It was one hell of a performance.  It was on the road, in a tough environment, against a tough opponent.  The Oklahoma State win was very impressive indeed.  The ship had righted?  Yes it seemed it had, at least for one week.  Martinez was high once again.

It was an ankle injury on Halloween eve in Lincoln against Missouri that basically ended the season for Martinez.  The injury slowed him down, he wasn’t cutting, he was almost limping, he wasn’t his rocket-like self.  He would play in all but two of the remaining games, but the injury really hurt him.  Martinez recently reflected on that injury, “It killed everything in me cause I couldn’t run the ball.”  He finished the season with 965 yards rushing, a high total for any quarterback, but at one point it looked like he would could reach 1200 yards or more.  Martinez’s rushing stats after the Oklahoma State game read like this: 16 (MU), 0 (IA ST), 71 (KU), 17 (A&M), 0 (CU), 24 (OU), 9 (UW).

He played a few plays in the Iowa State game before being pulled to let his injury rest.  He returned to start against Kansas, where Nebraska seemed to play a simpler offense controlling the clock with the run game.  He lacked the explosion that was seen from him early in the season.  His health was a mystery, he was playing and coach was saying he was fine, but something was still off.

The Texas A&M game was rock bottom.  They were stacking the box just waiting for Martinez to run and when he couldn’t, they forced him to throw.  He was sacked and injured early in the game, went to the locker room for a test, and talked to his dad on his cell phone (whom was concerned for his kid’s health).   When he returned to the Nebraska sideline Bo Pelini lit into him for having broken team rules.  Of course the exchange was caught on tape.  Martinez looked extremely distressed by the major butt chewing and all sorts of rumors started over the situation.

Martinez did not play against Colorado, played OK in the Big 12 title game loss to Oklahoma, and seemed totally uninspired in the bowl game loss to Washington (as did the rest of the team).  At some point after the bowl game, he did make a statement declaring his allegiance to the Husker nation.  Which helped slow some of the 'Martinez is disgruntled' rumors.

Taylor Martinez probably dealt with more emotions in his freshmen year then some players do their entire career.  It would be difficult to know the truth as he seems keen on keeping emotions or other personal stuff very protected.  The growing pains of 2010 have surely prepared him the upcoming campaign.

To the point 2011

Unlike last year when he was competing for the starting job during fall practice, Martinez has that locked up this year.  It's allowed him to focus on fine tuning some of the changes new offensive coordinator Tim Beck has installed.  From all indications the speed of play is about to pick up at Nebraska and that would seem to suit the speedster Martinez just fine.  Coach Tim Beck said this about Martinez preparation, "He's much more confident playing.  I'm really proud of his leadership, the way he's handling everything. He's working really hard."

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The Big Ten Network did a Whatifsports.com sim of what the Big Ten Conference might have looked like if Nebraska was in the conference in 1999.  I'm not sure what the significance is, but it was interesting to see Red vs Red in the Championship game.

Great article on Ciante Evans CB

Husker Extra's Brian Rosenthal

Fall Camp Report

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Bubba Starling won't practice with Nebraska

Bo Pelini has said that top recruit Bubba Starling won't practice with the Nebraska football program until he decides his future plans.  Starling was drafted by the Kansas City Royals and will be offered millions of dollars to sign a professional baseball contract.  He is currently enrolled in summer classes and living in the dorms.

"He's got a lot of risk," Pelini said.  This seems a little contrary to Bo's comments earlier this summer when he said, "His advisers aren't running our football program."  Leaving a couple open spots on the 105 man roster to accommodate Starling's decision seems a like special treatment, but I suppose the circumstances warrant it.

In Starling's defense, I think he's done the best he possibly could with the decision he has to make.  He promised Nebraska he would be here, he's here and enrolled in summer classes.  The only thing he hasn't done is fulfilled  the promise of being on the football team.  I wonder who ends up paying for those classes?

Bottom line, Bubba if it doesn't work out in baseball, come back in a couple years will ya?

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Husker Fan Day 2011

Nebraska moved fan day from Saturday to Friday this year.  A tweet from writer Sean Callahan sums up who must people wanted to see.
Personally I'd be in line for the Bubba Starling.  

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Preseason Coaches Poll 2011

Wisconsin and Nebraska are ranked No.10 and No.11 in the preseason USA Today Coaches Poll for the 2011 season.  This should be a good starting point for both schools and give them both shots at a National Championship.  Ohio State No.16, Michigan State No. 17, and Penn State No. 25 complete the list of Big Ten schools in the poll.

Oklahoma was ranked No. 1, followed by Alabama at No. 2 and Oregon No.3.  Nebraska's former conference the Big 12 has three teams in the top ten Oklahoma State No.8 and Texas A&M at No. 9.

What are your thoughts?  Good spot for Nebraska?  How big of a role will the Wisconsin vs Nebraska game play in the national picture?

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Cody Green talks Nebraska future

Interesting article about the Nebraska offense shift to a run offense as told by Cody Green.