Monday, December 26, 2011

Red vs Red Play of the Year 2011

This year's Red vs Red Play of the Year came in the record-setting comeback victory over Ohio State in Lincoln on October 8, 2011.  

In the third quarter with a 27-6 lead, Ohio States Braxton Miller was proving to be the most athletic player on the field.  Miller was exposing all the weak points of the Blackshirt defense and gaining positive yardage with every play.  Then, after rushing up the middle for a five yard gain, Miller was attacked from behind by Nebraska's Lavonte David. David stripped the ball from Miller and recovered the fumble for the Huskers.  Nebraska capitalized on the momentum David created, rallying for 28 unanswered points and a huge conference victory.  

This play probably saved the Huskers season.  If Nebraska had started the Big Ten Conference games with two loses, it would have been ugly in Lincoln.  David's play set the tone for the Blackshirt defense that didn't lose steam until the Northwestern debacle.

Keep an eye out for this year's Red vs Red Player of the Year Award.    

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