Sunday, October 2, 2011

Three positives and three negatives after a Wisconsin beat down

After a loss like Saturday night's to Wisconsin 48-17, Nebraska will be heading back to the proverbial drawing board to try and figure out what they do next.  The toughest job the players and coaches will have this week is trying to forget about Wisconsin and move on.  Ohio State is coming to town Saturday night for Nebraska's Big Ten opener, and they won't be looking to offer sympathy to the Huskers.  If their not careful the they could easily get upset again, the Buckeyes are great at capitalizing on downtrodden teams and are sure to take any advantage.

Here are six things, both positive and negative, seen during the game.

+ 1.  The offense as a whole in the first 20 minutes of the game.  Taylor Martinez looked OK early and Rex Burkhead was running tough, they scored two touchdowns.  Then the implosion occurred.

+ 2.  Freshman Jamal Turner had five catches for 84 yards.  Turner showed toughness when he held onto the ball after getting hit on a couple of those receptions.  His shifty speed is inline with the fastest guys on the field and he appears to run good routes.

+ 3.  Bo Pelini's temper seemed completely under control the entire game.  The television doesn't show Pelini at all times, but maybe you've noticed the cameramen sure are quick to focus on him whenever there's a play with emotion.  In the post game interview he took full responsibility for the loss and actually apologized to the fans for such a crappy outing.

- 1.  Tim Beck.  Unfortunately, he's not as capable of calling plays during a big game that Husker fans hoped for.  Few people will probably be sleeping worse than Beck after this fiasco in Madison.  He was hard on himself, "I did some bonehead things too tonight, obviously."  Yep.  Like letting Martinez pass and not just ramming the ball into the line with Burkhead.  This subject will fill the airwaves this week for sure.   

- 2.  Taylor Martinez.  Ugh.  What can be said?  Let's speculate on a potential replacement or a duel quarterback system perhaps?  Back-up Brion Carnes has to be getting a little bit frustrated with the performance of his counterpart.  All indications suggest Carnes can actually throw the ball.  Maybe even to the team with the same colored jerseys.  

- 3.  Defense.  Yep, it's now very obvious the whole unit has been overrated the entire year of 2011.  Starting with spring practice all the way through summer, and up until Saturday night, not enough could be said about the great blackshirts.  Those same shirts might not see the light-of-day this season.  All three levels got exposed by the high powered Badger offense.  The Pelini brothers will surely get some of it fixed, but the optimism is now gone.

The Huskers have five days to shake off a terrible performance on the road.  The conference members were all watching last night surely taking notes on how to attack Nebraska's multiple weaknesses.  At least there's no more pressure to finish with a perfect record.  Pick yourselves up, brush off the blood, stop pressing, have fun, and play some football.


  1. The defense and offense deserve much of the blame but so does Beck and the offensive play-calling to end the first half. The Huskers were down 6 with 2 minutes to go. He got aggressive despite the obvious fact that Taylor Martinez gets greatly exposed as a way below average passer is obvious passing situations. He should have stayed conservative by trying to run from a passing alignment. Run the clock and try to move into field goal position. Instead Martinez through an INT which setup a Wisconsin TD and made it a 2-TD game. Nebraska got the ball first to start the 2d Half being down 6 is world's better than down 13 and deflated.

  2. I agree. It's funny how a guy that makes $375,000 a year to coach the offense and his boss that makes $3,000,000 can't see the obvious limitations of their starting quarterback. Why the hell wouldn't a generally conservative head coach step in and say run the damn ball?

    The offense has been practicing against a defense that obviously isn't up to par either. Maybe Taylor and Beck think they can throw because of how bad the secondary is in practice?

    Who knows? Even though Ohio State looked bad Saturday as well, if Nebraska doesn't pull their collective heads out, it's going to be ugly again.

  3. I expect an ugly game but Nebraska should be able to handle Ohio State.

  4. I hate to admit you had the NU Defense pegged for the Wisconsin game. Now I'm not too sure on anything. This week should go along way to telling us where the NU team is at.


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