Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nebraska Quarterback Taylor Martinez taking the heat from fellow students and media

Article first published as Nebraska's Taylor Martinez Feeling the Heat From Fellow Students and Media on Technorati.

Yoshi Hardrick, teammate and friend of Taylor Martinez, has come to the defense of the often attacked Nebraska quarterback.  According to Hardrick fellow students have been razing Martinez and his girlfriend while in class about his performance on the field.  Martinez threw three interceptions in a 48-17 loss to Wisconsin Saturday night.  

"Some girl told him, 'Stop throwing interceptions,'" Hardrick said. "It's just too much.  He's in a Spanish class and they're talking about interceptions."

Martinez's girlfriend has also reportedly been on the receiving end of offensive remarks about Taylor's play on the field.

Senior wideout Brandon Kinnie have said everyone is behind Martinez.  "We have all the confidence in him still," Kinnie said.

"Everybody loves Taylor," Hardrick said after practice Tuesday.  "He's the leader of our team.  He's the quarterback."

Martinez is sick of being ridiculed and it showed during the press conference on Monday when he was  sarcastic and short with every answer.  "You guys rip me anyway, so it really doesn't matter."

Read any local media release or look at any college football message board and it doesn't take long to find criticism involving the play of Martinez.  It's to be expected when you play the premiere position on the football field at a major university like Nebraska.

Regardless of what being said, Martinez's starting job at quarterback doesn't seem to be in jeopardy.  Head Coach Bo Pelini said, "If you look at what Taylor's done for the bulk of the season, I'm glad he's our quarterback."

Martinez will face a tough defense again this week against Ohio State.  Good or bad, his preformance will be scrutinized to the extreme.  He better get use to it, it comes with the territory.  


  1. Ripping Martinez in Spanish class is definitely over-the-line and unwarranted but Martinez should be getting ripped in any analysis of that game. His interceptions were the result of a bad read and terrible throws - not great defensive plays.

    Beck and Pellini should have a sit down with Dr. Tom Osborn to discuss how best to use a QB that is a liability throwing the ball when the other team is expecting pass. Nebraska won 3 NTs with Tommie Frazier and Scott Frost - two QBs equally bad at throwing the ball but that could be effective if the passing plays were properly disguised. Nebraska did that for the first quarter and a half. They let the game get away by getting aggressive with 2 minutes remaining in the half that resulted in an INT and subsequent Wisconsin TD. Worst case scenario should have been going into halftime down 6, not 13.

    That being said about Martinez, the defense remains a far bigger problem and mystery. The defense was manhandled and Pellini admitted that Nebraska is going to need to recruit more/bigger LBs to properly compete in the Big 10, especially against Wisconsin. L.David is a very good player but at 210 lbs, he is more akin to a safety than a tackling LB.

    Nebraska remains a young team and the future is bright with Pellini leading the way but BSC bowl aspirations for this year seem a bit misplaced at this point.

  2. Once again Chad you are correct. Love the comments keep them coming.

    From what it sounds, Coach Tim Beck is taking full responsibility for egg laying in Wisconsin. I expect the offense will look a little different this week. Maybe more conservative?

    Several times I've heard Pelini say LB's are the recruiting priority. It will be interesting to see how they do in this area.


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