Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 1: 5 things I liked and 5 I didn't like in the Huskers game

Here are some things I liked in Nebraska's 40-7 win over Tennessee Chattanooga on Saturday in Lincoln, and some things I didn't like.

  1. Nebraska's defense is for real.  They only gave up 230 yards of total offense.  They intercepted a pass, blocked a field goal, and dominated the line of scrimmage.  Jared Crick's impact on the game won't always be recorded in the statistics, the guys a beast, reminds me of a man named Sue.  
  2. Taylor Martinez is back to full speed.  He had touchdown runs of 7,43, and 47 yards all on speed option plays.  He finished with 135 yards rushing and 116 passing.  
  3. Rex Burkhead is bigger and stronger and looks like he will be a bruising runner this year.  He is very difficult to tackle.
  4. Nebraska has some exciting freshman to watch on offense this year.  Ameer Abdullah, Aaron Green, Braylon Heard, and Jamal Turner all are poised to play significant time in their freshman years and make an impact.  
  5. Line backer Daimion Stafford is the next defensive stud.  The junior college transfer is going to be electrifying.  He had six tackles total, two of which made the crowd roar in reaction.  Cameron Meredith is one mean mo' foe. 
Didn't like

  1. The offensive line push was too inconsistent.  At times they were good, at times they were bad.  All against an over matched opponent in UTC.  Sure it was the first game on the season and the first game ever for some, but hitting the guy across from you in the mouth is expected on every snap.
  2. When Taylor Martinez throws the ball he tends to throw it behind receivers.  He needs to get better at throwing the ball on target.  He's not the only play-maker on the field.  Get it to some of the others guys, with a little space to make a move.
  3. The corner backs are young.  The secondary wasn't as intimidating as it was last year.  Dennard was missed.  The safeties got sucked in on a couple of plays and were beat because of it. 
  4. The play calling is questionable.  I don't know the first thing about calling plays in a college football game but I don't ever remember Tom having any trouble moving the ball consistently.  Stick with what works.  Tim Beck said he would find out what worked and do it more.  Good.
  5. The Big Ten Network is no ESPN or ABC.  Several times live plays were cut into after coming back from commercials.  After plays it took them forever to show a replay.  I don't know, just seemed like amateur hour from the television production.  Having said that, I loved seeing a Ahman Green on the sideline and Kevin Kugler in the box. 
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  1. Burkhead didn't look very tough to tackle. He had one run for 52 runs -- his remaining 10 rushes went for 23 yards. A couple of those runs were not his fault but overall, hard to say because the offensive line was so inept.

    Not sure how you can hate on the Big 10 Network -- this game wouldn't have been on ESPN or ABC.

    Hard to move the ball consistently when you cannot run the ball and your QB isn't very good at throwing the ball.

    The Huskers will win games because they are more talented than a lot of teams but if Saturday's offensive execution continues, Nebraska will lose 3-4 games again.


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