Friday, September 30, 2011

Nebraska vs Wisconsin: Tale of the Tape Final Verdict

The Badger and Bugeater have teamed up to breakdown this week's Nebraska vs Wisconsin match up.

Final Verdict

Badger:  These two teams practically mirror each other in every aspect of the game from their head coach down to their uniforms.  While NU could be referred as more explosive on offense Wisconsin more than makes up for it with their experience and execution.  The unsung hero in Madison is Paul Chryst, the best play caller in all of college football.  It will be him and his offense (and a raucous sauced up crowd that'll make all the Big Red fans wish they stayed at home in Nebraska) that will prove to be the difference Saturday night.
Wisconsin 38 Nebraska 21

Bugeater:  Fans have been waiting for this game since the announcement Nebraska was joining the Big Ten.  The hype surrounding the game is understandable when you look at the records of these two teams since the beginning of 2009, Nebraska is 24-8 and Wisconsin 25-5.  The rankings of the teams couldn't be closer either, Wisconsin No. 7 and Nebraska No. 8.

An estimated 30,000 Husker fans are making the trip to Madison, not all will get in to the stadium. From the sound of it, it might not be an enjoyable experience for them, not because of anything to do with the play on the field, but more of how poorly they will be treated by the "raucous" fans.  It doesn't take long to validate this point when reading comments from nearly any story related to the game.  Here's typical example of one anonymous comment, "Don't want to get cursed at, spit on, or made fun of?  Don't wear your teams garb to Fort Randall loser."  I digress.

Nebraska's fate will come down to their ability to move the ball on Wisconsin.  We know Wisconsin will score early and probably often.  I see Nebraska being down at the half but making adjustments and taking over the game late.  Vegas has it wrong.  Taylor Martinez and Rex Burkhead will have a great performances in Madison, leading the Huskers to their first of many Big Ten conference victories.  A huge bonus to both fan bases, these teams might meet again in December.
Nebraska 38 Wisconsin 35  

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  1. Spit on, I doubt, unless someone is totally classless. Hostile, not a fun place to be for opposing players or fans? yes, but confined to in the stadium only. After the game I'm sure many a NU and UW fan will be sharing tables and beers along the bars on State st. and throughout Madison. If you're lucky win or lose, we can have some beers together after the game tomorrow...

  2. I look forward to the game. This is why I love college football. It's a statement game for both teams. Red beer is good.

    GO Big Red!


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