Friday, December 10, 2010

I just don't buy it

Rumor mill is running overtime producing the story Bo Pelini is considering leaving Nebraska.  I don't buy it.  The guy is looking for a national championship and he's closer now than every before.  He was probably 8-10 plays from being undefeated this year.  For three years in-a-row his defense has gotten better and with a little more focus on the offense, this team will be pretty damn good, even in the Big Ten.

Bo could easily squash the rumor by saying he's staying, but he hasn't.  I'm not sure what that says.  Reportedly he was on an in-home recruiting visit yesterday.  Pretty hard to believe he was recruiting for anywhere other than Nebraska.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Here are the latest statement from NU.


    “The reports that I am preparing to interview at the University of Miami are false. I will not have any additional comment on this matter or any other rumors.”


    “Bo has done an excellent job of leading our football program at Nebraska over the past three years. We’re looking forward to having Bo and our coaching staff lead our team in the Holiday Bowl and as we transition into the Big Ten next year.”

    ***Nebraska also has decided not to have media availability after today’s practice. The first media availability will be Monday.

  2. I hate when the leave stuff short like that, especially Osbornes comment. Because it almost sounds like its saying were glad he's going to coach through the holiday bowl and thanks for getting us here but see you after that. Its almost like the rumors Martinez is leaving after this year too. I just hope its all false

  3. other guys can coach that team.maybe a little more "mature" coach.a guy that can actually bring his own assistant's,better with the media.and stop t.o. from constantly screwing with the game plan.


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