Friday, December 3, 2010

Big 12 Title Game Eve

In honor of tomorrow night's final Big 12 Title game we here at Red vs Red want to hear from you, our readers and get your thoughts on the game tomorrow night.  What are you predictions?  Who will be your player of the game? Match-up to watch?  Will Taylor play?  Can Prince shutdown Broyles? Big 12 hate.  Air it all here.

What NU has to do to win: Don't be afraid to throw on first down, run the ball well.  NU needs to do everything they can to keep Cody/Taylor/Zac out of third and long situations.  On defense they need to limit OU's big plays on offense.  Lastly I believe if NU is going to win they need to score a special teams or defensive TD.

What OU needs to do to win:  Landry Jones needs to play a clean, mistake free game.  He threw three picks last week against a poor OSU secondary.  Saturday he will be facing the nation's best, Nebraska has 18 interceptions on the year, fifth most in country.

Matchup of the night: Prince Amukamara vs Ryan Broyles,  I honestly can not wait to watch this one.  Broyles is not the best WR in the country, but he gets open better than any other receiver in the country.  Prince is the best cornerback (or Peterson, depending on where you live), he blankets receivers and no one throws his way.

Player(s) of the game:  LaVonte David and Ryan Broyles.  The best players shine the brightest on the biggest stages.  These are the two best players on either team, I look for huge games from both.

Event most likely to occur:  tie Taylor Martinez won't play/ Bo will argue with the officials

Event least likely to occur: Dan Beebe and Bo Pelini will embrace at midfield during the post-game trophy presentation.

My prediction:  You're gonna have to wait till our weekly picks are released.

We want to hear your thoughts and opinions, don't be shy, and as always thank you for visiting

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  1. To win: NU Defense must slow the OU offensive juggernaut down. NU hasn't seen the Diamond formation and Landry looks better throwing the ball this year. Most of all in order to win the game they will need to score one or two touchdowns on offense and one on defense.

    Matchup: Lavonte David vs DeMarco Murray. David must keep up with Murray in the passing game and tackle him in the run game. Murray needs to use his speed and power to pick up the short yardage when it's needed.

    Players: NU CO-POTG Rex Burkhead and Alex Henry. Both players should put points on the board for NU.
    OU POTG Broyles will get his touches, yards, and at least a TD.

    Events to occur: Landry has trouble completing passes.

    Won't happen: Blow out either way. This is going to be a close one. Take the Under (53)

    Prediction: Red 22 OU 19


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