Monday, November 15, 2010

Why the Wisconsin Hate?

AP Photo / Morry Gash

I just don’t get where all the hate and ridicule for Wisconsin’s win on Saturday is coming from?  I’ll admit that I am biased and I’ll also admit that I didn’t see the second half of the game (son’s hockey practice takes priority), but how can you blame a team for going out and asserting their dominance over the opposition?  Isn’t that what football is all about?  Wisconsin fans have longed to see a team this dominant  for years.   After season after season of watching UW teams not play up to their expectations or play down to the other teams talent level and squeak out a win, it’s a treat for us all.  Wisconsin’s victory in Las Vegas in 2007 was a perfect example, they should have wiped the floor with that team instead they barley make their escape with a 20-13.

Wisconsin did nothing out of the ordinary Saturday.  They did what they always do, they ran the ball down Indiana’s throat.  Save for one throw, a 74 yard touchdown in the fourth quarter from their third string QB to a walk-on wide receiver buried on the depth, which some in the national media have taken exception too and are ripping Wisconsin for.  It was 3 and 6, should we all have assumed since IU had given up that Wisconsin should have given up too?  Wouldn’t that have been a bigger insult?

I make no apologies for how Wisconsin played, and if it were your team applying the beat down you wouldn’t either, be honest with yourself.  What’s your opinion of Wisconsin’s play on Saturday?  Was this an example of a team trying to showcase itself and improve it’s standing within the BCS (it didn’t, they actually lost points), was it an example of an over zealous coach running up the score, or is this Big Boy college football?  It was Indiana’s job to stop Wisconsin on Saturday, not Wisconsin’s job.

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  1. I just found the most idiotic post on the internet, punishing Wisconsin for whipping up on their opponent and promoting NU for squeaking out a home win against the squad that lost to NDSU. No, Brett Bielama wouldn’t cut small children, but he would beat KU by more than 17.

  2. Wisconsin did what they had to do in the environment the BCS created. Some of the Big Ten's problems will be solved next year with the addition of the championship game.

  3. Great article by Adam Hoge

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