Monday, November 1, 2010

This Weeks: The Big 12 Hates NU post

It was reported that painfully average Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel has sent tape of Courtney Osborne's hit on Blaine Gabbert to the Big 12 offices and asked them to review it.  I'm sure we'll soon be hearing that Ed Cunningham was summoned by Dan Beebe for his take on the hit.

Stay tuned to for developments and other Big 12 hate directed at the Big Red.


  1. Will the reviewing officials be reviewing the replay officials who refused to give Nebraska the ball on the resulting fumble by Gabbert? I was at the game and saw the fumble as it happened. Fumbles a fumble. Clean hit anyway, Gabbert turned into Osbourne as he hit him making it appear worse than in was. Screw Ed Cunningham.

  2. I agree! How could that not have been a fumble--they robbed us!!

  3. you guys are so paranoid,it's funny.everybody always picking on us.why the persecution complex,you've won how many natl championships ?.never got a break huh ?.enjoy your win over an overrated mizzou team,and shut up.

  4. Paranoid?? Pinkel himself stated in his own teleconfernce that he sent the stills and video to the Big 12 offices. That's not paranoia, that's fact.


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