Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Burkhead wins game for Nebraska

Rex Burkhead played excellent in Saturdays 31-30 win over Iowa State, he carried the ball 20 times for 129 yards and two touchdowns.  He was the focal point in the Wildcat formation and made several good reads, by either holding onto the ball or handing off to Roy Helu, Jr.  His performance probably won the game for Nebraska.

Burkhead looked comfortable in the shotgun under center, he was a quarterback in high school and it looked like at least a couple of the Wildcat plays had pass options and may be something we see in the future.  Most of all he stepped up and lead the team from the running back position, at a time when that's exactly what the Huskers need, leadership.

After the game Coach Watson praised Burkhead, "Rex knows what's at stake.  He just finds a way to get you there."  Watson obviously has faith in both of the Husker tailbacks.  One week after Roy Helu put up 307 yards, you would think you stick with a proven plan, but Watson instead featured a different back in Burkhead stating with humor, "It was Rex kind of day."

The huskers were one dimensional without starting quarterback Taylor Martinez and there was just enough of a wind to make passing difficult for Cody Green (79 passing yards).  Rex and Helu put the team on their collective backs and snatched another road victory, eight straight for Nebraska.     

The win wasn't pretty.  And let's just be happy the Iowa State two point conversion failed and LB AK Klein failed in his attempt to decapitate Rex in the end zone because in the end Rex was the difference maker.

Up next Kansas.


  1. Burkhead may have had a good game but Eric Hagg made play to "win" the game. Good luck to the Huskers this week in the Turner Gill Homecoming Game. Hopefully Turner doesn't to overconfident and confuses Bo Pelini with Dan Hawkins.

    Hey Badger - Didn't he coach at Boise State before moving up to Colorado? That should be enough motivation to keep Chris Peterson from ever leaving the comfort of that nasty looking,(used to be cool, now it looks like a bad 1970's shag carpet)blue turf.

  2. Sorry - That's Chris Petersen. My Bad.

  3. That's been talked about before, the consensus I hear is that Petersen was mastermind behind all those Dan Hawkins coached Boise State teams.

  4. You're right about Hagg. Any time you change your defensive scheme to keep one guy on the field all the time as Hagg is in the "Peso," you've got yourself a talented kid. Check out todays Omaha World Herald article on Hagg.


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