Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bo, Don't Apologize

Eric Gregory, Lincoln Journal Star

Much has been made here in Omaha this week about Bo Pelini's behavior on the sideline Saturday night in College Station.  Most of the criticism has centered around Bo's tirade toward QB Taylor Martinez.  I'm here to stick up for Bo Pelini.  Don't apologize for anything.  What happens between you and your players in the confines of the game or practice is no one else's business.  Taylor was out of line for accessing a cell phone during the game (if he did) and Bo expressed to him that he shouldn't have.  Believe me after that Taylor, or anyone else on the team, won't make that mistake again.

I thought it was a poor move on the part of Chancellor Harvey Perlman to publicly chastise Bo for his actions.  When I was in the Air Force we had a saying "praise in public, punish in private." Perlman accomplished nothing by airing nationally his distaste for Bo's actions. Opposing coaches, players, and even coach Pelini's own players now know who has ultimate power in Lincoln in the same way kids learn to know which parent has real power and which one to go to when they want to get their way.

The only thing Bo has to apologize for is his unwavering blind faith in  OC Shawn Watson.  That man could not gameplan to beat my son's 1st -2nd grade flag football team.  What are your thoughts Husker fans?? Would love to hear them.

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  1. Dear Bo,

    Please don't apologize for P.R. sake, but rather because it's the right thing to do. Please clean up your act on the sideline and use a little discretion in how and where you conduct "cheer" practice during the game. Whether you like it our not, you've become a figure head for the entire state of Nebraska and there for you represent us all. You wouldn't want your athlete's handling themselves in such a way, and remember you are their role model. Calm the _____ down.


    a fan

  2. I think Bo needs to show better discretion in ripping his players. The Taylor Martinez incident could have waited for the halftime lockerroom. Bo also cannot hurt his team with the bench getting 15-yard penalties. In basketball, a coach can get a technical for a purpose, in football, 15-yards can be the difference between winning and losing.

    That said, Chancellor Perlman should have handled it differently. He is in his right to privately criticize Pelini while not publicly throwing him under the bus. Allow Bo to apologize for his actions but now is apology comes across as forced.

    No matter, Nebraska should love Bo and the way he was resurrected Nebraska football in such a short time. Go Skers!!


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