Friday, October 29, 2010

Three things to watch for against Missouri

This week's Nebraska vs Missouri game will probably decide the Big 12 North Champion.  Nebraska will need to bring both the offense and defense if they expect to win.  Missouri is undefeated and would like nothing more than to torture Husker fans one last time before Nebraska departs to the Big Ten.

Here are three things to watch:

1.  The Nebraska offensive line.  Will Mike Caputo and gang be able to effectively run block and pass protect like they did against Oklahoma State?  Or will they lose the trench battle like they did against Texas?  If the O-Line can get an effective push against Missouri's No. 23 rushing defense it surely will play to the Huskers advantage.  Keep your eyes on the line push throughout the game.    
2.  Missouri's QB Blaine Gabbert.   It's unlikely Gabbert will do anything but pass the ball.  He has zero rushing yards on the season.  What he has done effectively is pass the ball to a tune of 1899 yards or 286 yards per game.   Nebraska must keep pressure on him and force him to make mistakes.  He hasn't thrown an interception in the last three games, and has only three on the season.  Turnovers are huge in big games.

3.  Nebraska's Taylor Martinez.  You knew I was going here.  No doubt Martinez struggled to make reads against Texas.  He got frustrated and just couldn't find a way to get it started.  Then he got pulled and had the chance to watch the Huskers drop their first game from the sidelines.  What did he learn?  That he doesn't like being on the sideline.  If Martinez can come close to matching his 435 total yard performance of last week, Nebraska will be fine.

So to recap, watch the O-line and both quarterbacks.  I know it's obvious but I had to write something.

Please let me know your thoughts on the keys for the game in the comment section below.

Thanks for checking out Red vs Red.        


  1. Missouri hasn't beat Nebraska at home since 1978? If I'm not mistaken. I got to say it's going to be a great game today. I like your write up and your 100% Correct we need to get to Blaine Gabbert as much as possible I don't think he's seen a defense as huge as Nebraska in a while and if we can continue to just make him get rid of the ball early there will be some interceptions this game for sure.

  2. wait they beat us in 2008 in lincoln I wanted to forget about that game 52-10


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