Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taylor Martinez shines in 51-41 Nebraksa win over Oklahoma State

Martinez matures against Okie State (Photo Ben Renyolds)
Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez put to rest any questions about the strength and accuracy of his arm by passing for 323 yards and five touchdowns in the 51-41 win over the Oklahoma State Cowboys on Saturday in Stillwater.  Martinez added a 112 yards rushing and showed some new-found maturity in leading the Huskers to 540 yards of total offense.

Martinez showed a different level of poise in the pocket, waiting to throw the ball until a receiver got open, then throwing to spots only his guy could make the catch.  On multiple occasions, he shook off would-be tacklers and threw down field for a positive gain, instead of simply tucking the ball and running like he's done most of the season.

Martinez was asked about the emphasis on the pass, "In practice we always pass like that," he said.  "Today we just showed everybody else that we can throw the ball instead of dropping back and running."

Blackmon burns Amukamara (Photo Ben Reynolds)
Shawn Watson Nebraska's offensive coordinator confirmed the point by enthusiastically praising Martinez play, "Today you got to see what we see everyday in practice," he said.  "He has a great arm and can compete with his arm."
The statement T-Magic made on the field Saturday answered concerns about what his ability to bounce back after a poor outing (see Texas) would be.  In the game, Martinez took several hits, made some bad reads, and lost a fumbled but seemed to forget the mistakes quickly.  If he was pouting on the sidelines after getting pulled against Texas, you sure wouldn't think it was the same kid against the Pokes.  He was confident, a little cocky, and noticeably vocal when celebrating a couple of the Husker touchdowns.  
Martinez performance didn't go unnoticed nationally, as he was named the Offensive Player of the Week by the Walter Camp Foundation.   Saturday's game probably didn't put Martinez back on the Heisman watch list again quite yet, but another couple games like this one, surely we will be taking about the possibilities again.

Nebraska's Alex Henry is a great kicker.  (Photo Ben Reynolds)
Which ever factors attributed to Martinez success this week, a poor Okie State defense, the pressure of the Texas game lifted, or the experience that comes with starting seven straight games, he definitely showed us a side of him we all wanted to see but just hadn't been shown yet.  Martinez is a good young quarterback, that can both run and throw ball effectively.  He will surely only get better as his career progresses the next few years.  It should be a fun ride.    



  1. Nice write up. It was great to see Martinez bounce back like that. It also gives opposing defenses something to think about besides stopping the run. It will definitely help against Mizzou this week.

  2. I can't wait till we beat Mizzou this week. All the people around here are talking about how Nebraska lost to Texas and Texas lost to Iowa State and how there going to just run over us. I don't think so Mizzou fans... I think nebraska just got a little to excited where they were in the poll that week and when it came time to play they were just not in the right mind set for texas. I think after being dropped in the ranks they now relize how fast things can happen and better turn it around.

    God Bless the cornhuskers

  3. Thanks Jay. I hate to get too far ahead on the Big 12 schedule, but Mizzou game could decided the North, and we got to bring it.

  4. Jeff, I think you're on to something, Nebraska really needs to find some urgency going into this one. Block out all distractions and just play the damn game. Go Huskers!

  5. before you guys get all carried away again,you realize,you were playing one of the worst defenses in the country.and mike gundy is the coach.enough said.

  6. Who are you anonymous... Lets see some balls and put a name to your post son!!!

  7. big jeff-my name is truth teller,put on your big boy pants and try to handle it

  8. Anonymous and Big Jeff, please play nice. If I only wanted positive comments, I'd only allow my mommy to comment. Everyone's entitled to their opinion anonymous or not. If the comments get offensive they will be deleted. Either way, thanks for reading.

  9. haha I was just playin with Anonymous

  10. bugeater, thank you for the forum.after all the junk you talked about with texas,and got worked by them.with missouri,you better be able to cash that check.

  11. I think its going to be similar to last week... I think it going to be a decent scoring game with a victory on top for the huskers


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