Friday, October 22, 2010

Red vs Red ATS Pick Challenge Week 8

Each week Red vs Red will bring you our prognostications, plus one guest picker each week, on what we deem to be the most interesting games of the week (or the easiest pick).  A huge thank you goes out to our guest picker this week Jeff from Saint Joseph, MO.

Week of October 23 

No. 8 Michigan State -5.0 @ Northwestern 
Badger: Until they lose Michigan State is the best team in the Big Ten. 
Michigan State 31 Northwestern 14

Bugeater:  Michigan State continues to roll.  Michigan State 30 Northwestern 21

Jeff:  Michigan State 28 Northwestern 7  

No. 14 Nebraska @ No. 17 Oklahoma State +5.5
Badger: Not ready to push the panic button yet.  Okie State can't stop anyone.  
Nebraska 45 Oklahoma State 21

Bugeater:  Nebraska will face a good offense in Oklahoma State might have learned a few things watching Texas' defense last week.  State won't get it done against Nebraska.  Nebraska 30 Oklahoma State 18

Jeff:  Nebraska 17 Oklahoma State 14 

Texas Tech @ Colorado +2.5 
Badger: Quite possibly the worst game we've ever had on here, I feel sorry for all the parents that will be stuck watching this game.  Texas Tech 24 Colorado 17

Bugeater:  Texas Tech hasn't been great this year, neither has Colorado.  Hawkins must win at home.  Colorado  21 Texas Tech 19

Jeff:  Texas Tech 34 Colorado 21

Kansas State @ Baylor -6.0
Badger: K State has been the epitome of one dimensional this year. Don't see that changing anytime soon.
Baylor 24 Kansas State 11 

Bugeater: Both of these teams seems evenly matched with  2-1 conference records.  Baylor may have edge statistically speaking, but Kansas State can put points on the board.  Baylor edges K-State.  Baylor 28 Kansas State 25  

Jeff:  Kansas State 24 Baylor 14  

No. 6 LSU @ No. 5 Auburn -6.0
Badger: Is Cam Newton ready to face the challenge of one of the nation's best defenses? I don't think so,
LSU 21 Auburn 17

Bugeater:  Auburn hasn't faced a top five defense like LSU's and will have trouble moving the ball.  Les Miles has trouble making in-game calls.  Cam Newton wins the game for Auburn, again.  Auburn 24 LSU 20

Jeff: LSU 14 Auburn 7

No. 3 Oklahoma @  No. 18 Missouri +3.0 
Badger: Missouri is not as good as their record indicates.  Oklahoma 37 Missouri 21

Bugeater:  It's put up or shut up for Missouri.  Oklahoma is No.1 in the BCS, they will play with pride.  Oklahoma 30 Missouri 24

Jeff: Oklahoma 42 Missouri 21 

Tie breaker:  Pick the UPSET of the week (must be an underdog and win game outright) 

Badger: Air Force @ #4 TCU -18.5
I'm betting TCU won't be able to stop AF's rushing attack which allows them to score points and control the clock.  Air Force 24 TCU 21

Bugeater:  Kentucky 34 Georgia 25

Jeff:  Wisconsin 42 Iowa 7

Now it's your turn.  Leave your picks as a comment below to see how you stack up against the “experts”.  Make sure to include a tie breaker pick.  We will give the results no later than Monday.  Thanks for visiting


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