Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What we Learned on Saturday

Rex Burkhead  has super speed (Photo by LJ) 
Rex Burkhead should be the starting I-back.  Am I the only one that’s surprised at the numbers Roy Helu puts up?  He is the most uninspired runner I have ever seen.  Rex, on the other hand, it the holes hard and fast and ran with purpose.  I would imagine it won’t be long till Burkhead is starting and receiving the majority of the carries.
The Defense has to get better.  The good news is they will.  Lavonte David and Alonzo Whaley will be afforded a whole week of practice to prepare for their job of running the show.  The playmakers are there and once this unit gets time to gel under real game conditions they will live up to last year’s expectations.

NU may have the best special teams in the country.  We all know what a weapon Alex Henery is, but the unit as a whole shined on Saturday.  Thanks to the coverage team WKU’s average starting field position was their own 20 yard line.  Niles Paul of course was explosive on punt returns, but Tim Marlowe showed the same explosiveness returning kickoffs that could lead to big plays and great starting field position.
The T-Magic era has begun. This kid brought energy and excitement to the NU offense, something that has been lacking for years.  You could just tell this kid was going to be something special the moment he received that ovation leading his offense out onto the field for the first time.  His throws were crisp, and he hit the hole hard and fast on his runs.  He’s only going to get better, I cannot wait.     

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  1. Your right about Rex and as soon as this coaching staffs realizes it the Huskers will be better for it. Can't wait to see this year and the next couple years bring.


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