Friday, September 17, 2010

Unity on the road is key for Huskers in Seattle

Team Nebraska (LJ photo) 
The crowd noise at Memorial Stadium can be very disruptive to visiting offenses.  I know because I've been there when you're plugging your ears because it's to loud, and yet your're screaming your guts out.  The crowd noise can build a teams momentum and when you have the momentum strange things can happen.  It might come as a good block to break a runner free, a broken arm tackle that results in a huge play, or a kicker putting it through from 57 yards to claim a late victory.

Which brings me to my point, as the Huskers travel to Seattle and Husky Stadium, they will need strong team unity to overcome the handicap created by the roaring crowd noise.  Former Husker Matt Hoskinson was quoted in the Omaha World-Herald today describing the Husky Stadium noise like this, "I know it's an old cliche to say you can't hear yourself think, but it was mind-numbingly loud."  Husky Stadium helped claim victory over good USC and California teams last year, and without care, it could claim Huskers this year.

Again, team unity will be key. Will the team be able to unite and rally if they are down late in the game and need to score?  Will Cody Green and Zac Lee provide positive feedback to Taylor Martinez if he becomes flustered?  Will Niles Paul fumble?  And if he does, can the team overcome it?  There has not been any outward discontent disclosed from this team so far this year, but I have to believe some bonds have been weakened with all the secrecy involved with the depth chart and players seeking positions only to be set at second string.  Most players can overcome the disappointment of  not starting and still contribute, but if there is a perception that someone isn't happy in their role, it can be a parasite to a team. Nebraska must unite, and become a complete team, if they expect to remain undefeated after their trip to Washington.

If you have a crowd was loud story, please share it in the comments.  Thanks.


  1. This will be a good warm up for Big 12 road games. From the sounds of things I think there will be quite a bit of red in Seattle tomorrow!

  2. Its not claiming the huskers this year It will be an awesome road game... Anyone wanna throw $100 in for the huskers to win.... One thing I've learned with the Nebraska Cornhuskers is you never bet for the huskers and you never bet against the huskers. Good thing its always just been fantasy football though

  3. I wish I had a "crowd was loud" story, but I go to NU games where the blue hairs tell you to sit down and everyone sits on their hands (except to cheer on the opponents).

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