Friday, September 17, 2010

NU Defense vs. Jake Locker and Co. : Match Ups to Watch

Jared Crick vs. Erik Kohler

Poor Erik Kohler.  If you didn’t know Mr. Kohler is a true freshman offensive guard on University of Washington’s football team.  Erik Kohler will be making his first collegiate start this weekend and lucky for him he’ll be lining up across from Jared Crick and Baker Steinkuhler.  Could be a long day for Mr. Kohler (and in turn Jake Locker) if they don’t give this kid some help. 

Prince Amukamara/ Alfonzo Dennard vs. Jermaine Kearse/Devin Aguilar

Jermaine Kearse’s name has appeared recently as the “other guy” on Washington’s offense.  Well this other guy is third in the country in receiving yards averaging 143.5 yds per game.  These will be the best  and most athletic receivers NU has faced to date, but Prince is still Prince….  The best lockdown corner in the country and crew should have no problem even against this formidable duo.

DeJon Gomes vs. Jake Locker 

Playmaker vs. playmaker.  Is Prince is the lockdown defender in the back 7 then Gomes is the playmaker.  Expect Carl and Bo to take advantage of DeJon’s athleticism and ball hawking skills by lining him up all over the field in order to confuse Jake Locker and make big plays in the both the running and passing games.

Lavonte David vs. Chris Polk

Chris Polk racked up over 1100 yards rushing in his freshman season, with over 700 yards coming after first contact.  It will be Lavonte David’s job to use his instinct and knowledge to put him on the right spots on the football field so his athleticism can take over and stop Polk when he reaches the second level.  We all saw what a teams running game can do to NU when the linebackers aren’t where they are supposed to be.

Love to hear your thoughts, what matchups excite you about Saturday’s game?  I know what I’m excited for NO PAY PER VIEW!!

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