Saturday, September 18, 2010

Martinez scores four touchdowns in crushing victory over the Huskies

Martinez has another huge day at Washington (LJ photo)
The main stream media was questioning how Nebraska freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez would perform on the road for the first time in his career.  T-Magic answered those questions by passing for 150 yards with a touchdown and rushing for 137 yards and 3 touchdowns leading the Huskers to a 56-21 win over Washington.

After the game, Martinez said this about being nervous, "They were asking me that in the first game.  I don't get nervous before games, so they should probably stop asking me.  I don't  really care if it's a home game or an away game, if it's in a loud environment or not, it doesn't really bother me."
His statement shouldn't be misconstrued as he's cocky, but rather his confidence in himself and his teammates is extremely high.  Teammates are quoted as saying Taylor is quite and reserved and very focused, he doesn't let things rattle him.  Coach Watson has also eluded to the Martinez's poise under center as one of his prime qualities. It doesn't hurt, that the kid is quite possibly the fastest on the field, he can just run away from everything including the crowd and the critics.

So, yes, Martinez passed his first career road test with high marks.  The Huskers also passed their first road test and proved they deserve the #8 ranking in the country and maybe even a higher one.  The Huskers look like they could quite possibly have the #1 defense in the nation.

How do you think Martinez is doing?  Does he remind you of anyone?  What does he need to work on?  Will his physical running style get him in trouble with injuries as the season wears on?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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  1. I hope his running don't get him in trouble. My question is who is better at the back up QB Green or Lee We didn't see any of Lee this game and Green ughhhhh.... I really really like T-Magic though

  2. Let's hope Martinez stays healthy and the back up question doesn't come into play. I do think the defense is strong enough that we would still be pretty good even with Lee or Green at quarterback. Thanks for the comment.


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