Sunday, September 30, 2012

Red vs Red experiment ends in Red victory

Nebraska needed a little T-Magic, a lot of T-Rex, and a united boisterous red crowd in the 30 -27 come from behind victory in Lincoln on Saturday night.  In a game full of mistakes and on-the-field reviews, it was kind of fitting for a fumble to end the game and set up the victory formation for the Huskers.  With less than 90 seconds left on fourth-and-one, Wisconsin's Montee Ball fumbled the ball and NU's Harvey Jackson recovered.

With the victory the tension was gone, the crowd relaxed, celebrated.  It wasn't pretty, it didn't even look good.  Scoreboard, the real RED won, Nebraska beat Wisconsin.

And so it ends.  It's been relatively fun.  Red vs Red started as a collaboration between a Wisconsin fan and Husker fan.  The plan was to cover athletics from both schools, help fuel a rivalry.  Well it turned out to be harder than it looks.  It takes way too much time and way more ability to put out quality work then either of us had. It seems fitting to close shop after this game.

Red vs Red is now dead.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Nebraska wins 73-7

In case you hadn't heard, Nebraska won 73-7 on Saturday.

The game of the year so far looms for Nebraska as Wisconsin comes to town.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Huskers slow Ark. State attack, win 42-13

Nebraska's defense stepped up their level of play in the 42-14 win over Arkansas State.  They slowed down the fast pace Red Wolf offense holding them to 286 yards.

The biggest story wasn't focused on the game but rather on Bo Pelini being taken to the hospital at halftime.  Apparently he is fine and was back to work on Sunday.

Taylor Martinez played well in the game completing 13 of 14 passes for 180 yards and two TD's.  He also rushed for one TD.

Ameer Abdullah was the MVP.  Filling in for Rex Burkhead, he carried the ball 30 times for 167 yards.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Nebraska loses to UCLA 36-30

Happy bear!
Nebraska lost to UCLA on Saturday evening 36-30.  The Huskers played less than spectacular against an up and coming team with new head coach with 25 years of NFL experience.  A guy that knows how to look at film and create a game plan to beat teams that might have more talent and/or reputation.  UCLA flat out out played Nebraska.  

The worst thing about a Nebraska loss, is the Husker fan reaction.  It's so pathetic, it's kind of hilarious.  Fire Bo Pelini, Tim Beck doesn't know what he's doing, and Taylor Martinez should never start at quarterback.  These are all statements made over the airwaves here in Omaha.  Really?

How about lower the expectations a bit, admit your faults, and work to improve them.  Plenty of season left.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Taylor Martinez very good in opening win

Martinez looks to pass in the first quarter against Southern Miss.  Photo by L. Johnson

Taylor Martinez threw for 354 yards and 5 TD's on Saturday in 49-20 win over Southern Miss. Taylor not only put up some really good numbers, but he looked good doing it.  All the extra preparation he did during the offseason to improve his throwing technique was evident in his effort.  His motion was smoother, he set his feet and was moving forward when he released the ball, and he followed through after the throw.  Most important he made good decisions with the ball and checked through the progression, throwing to mostly open receivers.  Martinez was named Big Ten Player of the Week.

Nebraska receiving core looked improved as well.  Ten different receivers had catches, six had more than one.  For the most part the receivers were catching the ball with their hands and not letting the ball get into their bodies.  They really seemed to be on the same page with Martinez.  Courtney Osborne's touchdown catch right before halftime was the highlight catch of the game.  

Walkon center Justin Jackson was probably the biggest surprise in the game.  After moving over from the defensive end position, he won the starting center job.  It was obvious why after seeing his play in the game on Saturday.  He plays aggressive, tough, and mean.  It was nice to see a lineman with some real attitude out there on Saturday.    

Nebraska is set to face UCLA on Saturday night in L.A.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Red vs Red Kick-off 2012 quick hits

*  The stage is set for Nebraska to take the field and try to extend their nation leading 26 straight season opening wins.  It will be the toughest season opener for the Huskers in some time against Southern Miss.  Nebraska knows they will need to be ready to play.  "We've got to be on our 'A' game," said senior safety P.J. Smith.

*  Which team shows up from week to week?  That seems to be the question surrounding this years team after a disappointing finish to last season.  Will it be the one that showed spurts of dominance like against Michigan State?  Or the team that folded with a little pressure, see Northwestern and South Carolina?

*  Taylor Martinez will be taking the snap as the starting quarterback for the third straight year.  Nebraska's success this season will be directly related to Martinez's ability to run the football.  If Martinez remains healthy and a running threat, it will open up the passing game.  If defenses are allowed to set back in coverage, expect to see Martinez make the same mistakes as in the past, throwing senseless interceptions.

*  It's the final year of Nebraska's Rex Burkhead.  Burkhead for Heisman?  Unless Nebraska can manage to win the Big Ten Conference title, don't expect to see Rex in New York.  He might be the best person in college football player, but without a championship team he won't be it's best player.

*  Message to Bo:  Get your talented young people on the field.  Drop the loyalty and play the best players.  Let's see Jamal Turner, Jordan Westekamp, and Imani Cross on the field today.

*  Expectations are a Big Ten Conference Championship.  Anything else is failure this season.

*  The balloons will be missed at Memorial Stadium.  I hope it has no effect on the offense's ability to score early and often.

Thanks for checking out Red vs Red.  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2021 Husker season starts Saturday against Southern Miss

The Husker football season kicks off on Saturday when Southern Miss comes to Lincoln.  OK, so another season opener in Lincoln  must equal another early season cupcake?  Right?

With today's abundance of short term memory problems and super digitized attention spans, don't forget this underdog Southern Miss team has been to Lincoln and beat the Huskers 17-21 in 2004.  
Let's not fool ourselves into thinking this games going to be breeze.  Sure they have a new head coach in Ellis Johnson and we've rid ourselves of the headache named Bill Callahan, but the team coming to Lincoln finished 2011 with a 12 win season.  When's the last time you've seen the Huskers post a 12 win season, insert 1999.

"You don't win the amount of games they won a year ago and not have talent, " coach Pelini said, suggesting he understands this will be a good test for his football team.  "They have a lot of things going for them.  Their program's kind of on the upswing."    

With the changes in coaching, Southern Miss brings a mystery team to Lincoln, including a starting quarterback with no college game time.  Prep time for the Huskers has included watching high school film. Offensive coordinator Tim Beck admitted, "It's hard to tell."